Navigation Interface

The Navigation interface is depicted below. It consists of –

  1. Header Bar

  2. Menu on the left

  3. Quick Start Guide that tells you how to setup a meeting

Header bar

The header bar displays the name of the program and the user email address.

The toggle button to the left on the header bar will expand the screen to the left of the screen and the toggle button next to the email address on the right of the header bar expands the screen to the right of the screen.

Clicking the email address of the user will display the logout button which will enable the user to logout of the program.


Clicking the language option under general settings will display a drop down menu listing the languages that can customize the interface such as English, German, Italian, Portuguese and so on. Only certain buttons and display text are in the selected language.

Custom styling

Below the language option under the general settings there is a theme option which when selected will display a dropdown menu of colors that the user can select to change the background colors of the window.

Displays a search box where queries can be made. This allows the user to search the menu commands on the left.