Meetings Page

The Meetings page has a search box to query room names. The Refresh button will refresh the page after any updates have been made. The PDF screen next to the Column Picker button creates a PDF document with the contents of the screen.

The Status Name when selected displays a drop down menu of meetings created, in progress and completed.

To do complicated queries, there is an Edit Filter in the lower right corner.

Create New Meeting

To create a new meeting click on the New Meeting button.

Displays a form with the following inputs -

  • Meeting Name (Should be alphanumeric. Spaces are replaced by "-". A numeric identifier is automatically appended at end after you save the meeting)
  • Description
  • Duration (in minutes)
  • Meeting Time (click inside field to display date/time selector)

  • Time Zone (select from drop down)
  • Join before host (Allows a participant to join before meeting creator. Uncheck if you want to disallow)
  • Authentication Mode (Email_OTP sends one time alpha numeric password to meeting participants. Phone_Auth authenticates the participant by calling them and prompting them to press "#" on their phone. For this option, all the participants must have a phone number in their contact information.)

Changes can be saved in two ways -

  • By clicking the Save button . This saves the meeting and exits the form. You can edit the meeting by clicking on the Meeting Name afterwards.
  • By clicking the disk icon next to the save button. This applies the changes but does not exit the form. This is the preferred way if you want to do more tasks, like adding participants.


To have a recurring meeting, just edit the Meeting Time and hit Update after clicking on the desired meeting. You need to click on Send Email to send the updated meeting email.

Add Meeting Participants

To add participants to meeting, click on the Meeting Participants tab.

Click on New Meeting Participants to add participants.

There are two tabs - (1) Personal Contacts (those that you create) and (2) Company Contacts (those created by your company administrator). After selecting the contacts, click on Add selected contacts button on top.

Edit Meeting Participants

Allows a user to delete the participant or send email to the participant.

Add Agenda

You can add an Agenda for the meeting by clicking on the Agenda tab.

Clicking on New Agenda allows you to create the Agenda via an editor.

Add Notes

You can add Notes for the meeting by clicking on the Notes tab.

Clicking on New Notes allows you to create the Note via an editor.

Send Email

You can send an email in two ways.

  • After you add all the participants, go to the Meetings tab and click the Send Email button

  • For a single participant, edit the participant and click on the Send Email button

Cancel Meeting

You can cancel a meeting by clicking on the Cancel Meeting button. This sends a cancel meeting email to the participants

Meeting Log

The meeting log depicts the events during the lifecycle of the meeting. The log can give an idea of what went wrong if there is a problem such as if a participant cant join a meeting.